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PIISA webstival


Partner AXA CLIMATE organised two webinar workshops which focused on knowledge exchange and cooperation across the communities and networks dedicated to climate adaptation insurance in Europe. The first session focused on the challenges, barriers, and opportunities we have to reduce the insurance protection gap and accelerate adaptation and resilience building. The second session focused on actuarial risk modelling – state-of-the-art & innovation potential. This event was supported by Risk Kan Network.

29-30th MAY 2024 | Tags: Webinars, Workshops, Climate Service, Climate Insurance, Europe



PIISA was invited to the Insurance and Climate Change seminar held by Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC) 3rd ACCC Impact Week 2024 on 9th of April in Helsinki. The session was organized jointly by Finance Finland, University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute, and chaired by PIISA’s Risk Manager. The event brought together ACCC researcher’s and insurance mathematicians and delegates to discuss the risks affected by climate change and how to adapt these future risks.

09th April 2024 | Tags: Event, Climate Service, Climate Insurance, Europe

PIISA at SITOWISE Smart City Talks

Our PIISA coordinator Hilppa Gregow participated in the SITOWISE Smart City Talks webinar with a keynote on novel climate risk predictions. The webinar focused especially on the built environment and how to adapt for the compound climatic risks. In the key note, she also talked about the changing risk landscape with an additional briefing about the tipping point risks. Webinaari: Miten rakennetussa ympäristössä sopeudutaan muuttuvaan ilmastoon? | Sitowise

19th March 2024 | Tags: Webinar, Climate Service, Climate Insurance, Europe

webstival Climateurope2

PIISA at Climateurope2’s Festival in Venice

Partner Stefano Ceolotto from Fundazione CMCC was present at the Climateurope2 Venice Festival to talk about Climate Insurance and Climate Services. A great way to share knowledge about Climate Adaptation and lively discussions with stakeholders and experts.


12th March 2024 | Tags: Event, Climate Service, Climate Insurance, Europe

webcam meeting on teams

PIISA's 1st General Assembly

The 12 partners involved in the PIISA Project gathered online for their first General Assembly. Each Work Package presented their progression over the first six months of the project, as well as their achievements such as the deliverables and pilot launches. They took the time to discuss the next steps they will be taking to continue their work in the most effective and impactful way, review and vote on any changes made within the project.

14th December 2023 | Tags: General Assembly, Climate Service, Climate Insurance, Europe

webstival Climateurope2

PIISA participation in Climateurope2 Webstival

The PIISA Project was proud to take part in the Climateurope2 Webstival - Second edition, mid-September 2023. This virtual festival revolved around the themes of businesses and communities, with a primary focus on discussing the transformation of Europe through climate services and dedicated solutions. Learn more about it here.

19th – 20th September 2023 | Tags: Climate Service, Climate Insurance, Europe, Webinar, Event

Kick-Off Meeting in Helsinki

PIISA Kick-Off Meeting in Helsinki

The 12 partners involved in the PIISA Project gathered for the first time, in Helsinki, at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) to kick-off the project. Partners introduced themselves and explained their role in the project. Discussions regarding deadlines and the organisation of the work over the coming months took place.

15th June 2023 | Tags: Kick-Off Meeting, Climate Service, Climate Insurance, Europe