Logo of Piisa

The story behind the logo

The Dragonfly – the emblem for PIISA

When creating the visual identity for PIISA, we wanted to find a way to reflect what the project was about so that it would make sense not only for the people participating in the project, but also for anyone and everyone either interested of benefiting from it. After a bit of research, our choice naturally fell on the dragonfly. And this is why.

Dragonflies are trendsetting, adventurous and fearless creatures, who are not afraid to take risks.

Piisa dragonfly

Their strength is also something to behold. They can lift items up to fifteen times their weight, a feat of strength even human technology cannot replicate. They represent grace, flexibility, and adaptability. Dragonflies can fly as fast as your car drives on a city street and speeds up to forty-five miles per hour. They are also able to shift in all directions and even halt mid-flight. The symbolism of the dragonfly is one of change, transformation, and metamorphosis. A creature of the wind, glittering and ephemeral, the dragonfly calls on us to evolve and fulfill our potential. Today, representing the art of change and transformation, the dragonfly invites us to adapt. It indirectly represents the importance of climate services for our future.